If you have ever been on the beaches of the Karachi suburbs of Sindh province, have you ever looked at people who were floating on the high seas with the help of boards?

If your answer is yes, then these people are actually enjoying the popular game 'Surfing' around the world.

As calm as it may seem to watch this game, it is just as difficult to perform in practice. Watching this game makes any unknown person wonder how the surfers can maintain their balance on the board.

However, the question must also arise in your mind as to how did the sport of surfing gain access to the waters of Karachi?

Before writing about the growing trend of surfing in Karachi, it is important to explain how surfing goes.

What is surfing?

Surfing is a game in which you can step on a surfboard, or jump on the waves.

You must master swimming in this game without any risk. The reason for this is that you often have to dive in the water while surfing.

When surfing, the first thing to do is to lay a boat on a surfboard and take the boat, and run your hands like a paddle and enter deep water.

When surfing the BBC, the first thing to do is to lie on a surf board and take a boat and run your hands like a puppy and get into the water.
Then the surfer, like a hunter, sits in the grip of a big wave and waits for it to 'float' on the water.

As soon as a wave comes in, it immediately changes its direction. In this case the wave is on its back.

In a blink, he jumps and puts the board under his feet and then the same wave is under his feet.

The surfer continues its journey until the tide is smooth, although maintaining a balance throughout this phase is the basic prerequisite.
From here the battle for the surf and the wave begins. Gliding with the help of your board on the wave requires special skills.

Until the tide is smooth the surfer continues its journey along its shores. Maintaining your balance throughout this step is the basic prerequisite.

Tulugs are generally used for surfing fun. However, surfing is common in the Western world and surfing has now been included in the Tokyo Olympics 2020.

Most youths surfing in the BBC Mubarak Village, training at the 'Happy Gun Surfing Club' under the shadow of a fisherman, Lord Ganj Shah.
Surfers of the 'Happy Ganges Club'

Hawksbury, Tushan, and Mubarak Village beaches located near Nawa, Karachi are ideal for this game.

Happy Village is famous for its fishermen. Most of the youngsters surfing here are training at the 'Happy Gun Surfing Club', under the shadow of a fisherman, Lord Ganj Shah.

In 2014, Ghulam Mustafa Bhurig of Pakistan Fisher Group Forum contacted God Ganj that his friend Dr Aftab Aziz Siddiqui wanted to give them some surf boards in Mubarak Village, would they be able to use them? God Ganj immediately filled the pro.

God Ganj started with just three surfboards and 28 members. Swimming was his right hand sport, but he had difficulties in the beginning because of the different nature of the sport of surfing.

BBC Swimming was a Happy Village fisherman's right-hand sport, but due to the different nature of surfing, he had difficulties at the beginning.
"We just had to swim, there was no coaching or caretaking, we were just trying to master the art with the help of the Internet," he explains.

Then as they watched, they began to specialize in surfing, and then this caravan grew.

Today, with the efforts of Dr. Aziz and his overseas friends, there are 28 surfboards in his club and people from Gadani, Balochistan, come to learn the art.

Surfers face serious difficulties in purchasing surf boards and waxes on BBC Pakistan
How difficult is it to surf in Pakistan?

Due to unfamiliarity with water related sports in Pakistan, the goods used in them are not available in the market.

This is the reason why surfers face serious difficulties in purchasing surf boards and waxes applied in Pakistan.

Hashim Ahmed, a Pakistani-born American who runs such a surfing academy on Hawkesbury, built a surfing school to teach people surfing despite these difficulties.

They point out that because of the new structure surf boards require special 3D machines, they are not available in Pakistan.

As the BBC watched, people from Happy Village began to specialize in surfing, and then this caravan grew.
"We either ask for this surfboard abroad, or sometimes we get a used surf board from outside," he explains.

In addition, wax is applied to these surfboards so that the surfer's feet are firmly fixed on the board. He says that he too is not available in Pakistan and often requires lower level waxing.

Zaheb Inas, who has learned about surfing from Hashim, says that to purchase this wax, you also have to wait for Pakistanis coming from abroad.

He says, "Surfing in Pakistan is very difficult because there is no online order, and even if you do not know what kind of surfing board will come."

God Ganj also confirms this. However, he points out that Dr. Dear