WASHINGTON (Daily Pakistan Online) US President Donald Trump has said that a new trade agreement will be signed with China in mid-November, and the Asian Pacific Economic Cooperation meeting will meet with the president.

نومبرکے وسط میں چین سے نئے تجارتی معاہدے پردستخط ہوجائیں گے،ڈونلڈ ٹرمپ

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According to details, US President Donald Trump told reporters in the White House that the United States and China are working on many things, the two countries are cooperating with each other, the US President said that a new trade agreement with China should be signed in mid-November. Will meet the President of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit

Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump announces to CNN on fraudulent reporting; Donald Trump's lawyer wrote to CNN's president and executive staff, saying the US president said CNN was harming financial reporting for biased reporting. , CNN made biased reporting on the case