Islamabad (Daily Pakistan Online) Spokesman Foreign Office has said that allegations are being made against Pakistan at election rallies in Haryana and Maharashtra, Pakistani rivers continue to threaten to stop the cultivation, Kartarpur transit will be opened. Trying to get decision credit.

 ہریانہ اور مہاراشٹرا میں انتخابی ریلیوں میں پاکستان پر بے بنیاد الزامات  عائد کیے جارہے ہیں:ترجمان دفتر خارجہ

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In a statement, the spokesman added that Pakistan rejects allegations of threats and distortion of historical facts. Should the use of Pakistan's name be stopped for political gain, does the BJP have anything other than enmity with Pakistan? Anti-Pakistan propaganda is being campaigned by the BJP leadership in the election campaign.

It should be remembered that earlier in an election rally in Sirsa, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi once again accused Pakistan of baseless and declared that it would stop drinking water. We will not allow the drug into India, Pakistan's fields watered by Indian water and Indian farmer's fields remain dry. Pakistan wants to destroy the future of young people by sending drugs into India, but our government is not like that. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that Guru Nanak Dev Ji's 550th birth day Thuarky preparation is going on, our people are dydarkrty krtarpursahb the telescope after the partition of India, the Congress government could not remove the distance of four kilometers, but the BJP government in the corridor construction is finished the distance