What was the highest level decision on LoC in India? Shocking claims of former caretaker chief minister

Islamabad (Daily Pakistan Online) Former caretaker Punjab Chief Minister Hassan Askari has said that it has been decided at the highest level by the Indian government to keep the affairs of the LoC hot and the terrorist statement should be investigated, according to the Indian Deputy High Commissioner. Foreign Office does not matter to India

بھارت میں ایل او سی کے متعلق اعلیٰ سطح پر کیا فیصلہ کیا گیا ؟ سابق نگران وزیر اعلیٰ کا حیران کن دعویٰ

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Talking to Dunya News program "Think Tank", Hassan Askari said that a standard charge sheet against Pakistan was imposed by India that militants were crossing the Line of Control despite the border fence. And there is an army on both sides.

"We are feeling uneasy in India, all the South Asian owners have supported India on Kashmir issue. The solution to this problem is that it is very easy for the political and military leadership to decide that we are off the line," he said. He said that the events that took place on the LoC were decided by the Army Chief and Prime Minister. It was decided at the highest level by the Bharati that the affairs of the LoC were to be kept warm and the terrorists. Indian deputy high commissioner's office does not matter to India

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